I reserve all rights to all data captured. Photographs that have been purchased from Rob Mashford Photography can be used under the terms of the license for print, marketing & promotion, social media and website use as specified, be it personal or commercial. Clients are not allowed to pass data on or sell data (printed or electronic) to third parties without prior agreement.

Images must not be altered in any way inc. cropping, colour adjustment etc.

Wherever and whenever a photograph is reproduced it must be referenced to The responsibility lies with the publisher to check that permission has been granted. Any unauthorised reproduction (inc. on social media) of unpurchased images is copyright infringement and will be chargeable at current rates plus an administration fee.

I reserve the right to use captured data on occasion for my own media & marketing purposes however (for paid shoots) I will not use this until after the client has published some or all of the material, except where separate permission has been granted.
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